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How not cool, but Omsk rather drab city, which especially in winter is no different than remarkable. On its streets lies the snow, the trees quite a bit, everything seems a bit grey and faceless. Nevertheless, he, like other cities in Russia interested users worldwide. Get to know him now through the lenses installed there web cameras. They work around the clock, the picture quality is beautiful, and the stream is fed into the grid without interruption, the only condition – the quality connection. The lens of this web camera comes on to the Mall, Oscar is very popular among locals. To cover more territory, it was decided to install the device at height. From this angle the views are simply amazing not only on the object itself, but also adjacent to it the district. This is a huge area with a Central track and adjacent roads. It is impossible for such removal to consider each object separately, but you can get an idea of the city as a whole. In nighttime visible only deleted the headlights of passing cars, all the rest remains behind a veil of darkness until the sun comes up. The web camera has no night mode, but its stream is absolutely free for any user, regardless of their country of residence.

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