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On the territory of Omsk is a Park of culture and rest them. 30 years of the Komsomol, which is the place of cultural recreation for visitors and local residents. Park efficiently equipped for a pastime, there are sidewalk paths, installed benches. Special attention should be given to landscaping at the facility in the summer the flowerbeds are full of colourful flowers, many greenery allows you to relax in the shade and enjoy the coolness. To see the charm of this place today, could any user of the Internet, it is necessary only to activate the stream on your own computer. The advantage broadcast is that it works online, the picture is available round the clock. Particularly well the object you are viewing in the daytime, the web camera was installed at a height to completely cover one of the most beautiful parts of the Park. After sunset in the Park include a few lights, but this light enough to the user in the details located within the camera lens objects. Stream absolutely free, no matter in which country of the world you run it. The device will be your great helper if you wanted to see the Park in Omsk, but no opportunity to visit it personally. From this angle you can appreciate the advantages of object to appreciate its beauty, to decide for yourself whether you want to go there, if you're in town. The picture is very clear and bright, with a webcam you can even see people in the Park people.

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