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About webcam "Parking on the street 70 years of October" in the city Omsk

In large cities Parking for residents, particularly around important objects, becomes a necessity. The emergence of such areas has led to an increase of the probability of theft, therefore, the administration tries to protect the citizens. This is one of the main reasons why Parking on the street 70 years of October, it was decided to install a web camera with non-stop shooting. The stream from it enters the network is free to users, and owner. This is a fairly large area of the Park, which can accommodate about 50 cars. Web camera helps motorists to save time and gives accurate information in real time about the availability on the facility. The device operates around the clock, but due to the lack of light sources and the distance she can't demonstrate the quality of pictures after sunset. In the daytime, if you activate the video and want to see the car, immediately recognize her. Installed web camera at sufficient height in order to ensure that everyone could have the opportunity to see a large area. No matter where you are, the main thing is that you have a stable network connection, if you want the video came without a hitch. You can watch the broadcast equally well on computer, tablet and even phone, it is possible to enlarge the image to full screen.

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