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Not every Russian city has such a fascinating institution as a roller rink, most people just ride by the area or Park where there is flat ground covered with asphalt or decorative tiles. In Perm there is a roller rink, so there are local people trained and in the room, not least when winter comes, but I want to stay in shape. Inside such an institution can not only hire equipment and protection, but also to ride on specially created tracks, to compete among themselves or just to learn the art of fast driving. If you live in Perm or have never seen, what is roller skating you have the opportunity to watch the process from the comfort of home. the property of the entertainment complex it was decided to put the stream object in the network absolutely free, to attract more visitors. The webcam works around the clock in real time, simply connect the computer to the Internet to see what is happening. The device does not have a rolling Cabinet, so the shot goes in one direction only, in any case, the video helps to understand what people are doing at the roller rink and how in demand this kind of entertainment. Stream can become an assistant for those who are going to get to work, the picture covers the room and helps to consider the interior design from the comfort of home. It's also a great opportunity to observe the work of their employees during the day, the user can watch videos anywhere in the world, just to have a good connection. Outside of the working day, despite the presence of translation, it is difficult to see anything because the light is extinguished.

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