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The territory of the city Perm is constantly expanding, new families, children, generations grow and everything is repeated again and again, this is the main reason why today is the moment when cities were actively carried out the construction of new homes higher, take more people in. Outside the city develops new space, the city is expanding not only the top but also the sides, cut down forests, building roads, formation of new districts. This is a natural situation, and another few generations of people had nowhere to live and people would huddle or a large number in a small area or to fight for the right to receive apartment. Construction is everywhere, there is no major metropolis, which would not have occurred in the construction of buildings. Some of them are provided by shopping malls, and other residential apartments, in the latter case it became popular to participate in the joint construction, so advantageous to the buyer and the seller. People to be able to monitor the work of construction companies in front of some homes were installed a web camera is no exception and the construction of a multistory building in Perm. The webcam works around the clock stream is fed into the grid is completely free, you just have to connect the computer to the network. regardless of your geographic location you can in the time convenient for you, completely free of charge to view the stream to make sure the construction of the house. in the night time construction is frozen, all work stops, but the camera continues to stream. She captures in the lens of not only the building itself but the area around it. The details will be hard to see because of the remoteness and lack of on the device to night mode.

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