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Cruiser Aurora - one of the main symbols of the northern capital, St. Petersburg. This great, legendary, brave and invincible ship moored at the Petrograd embankment north of the capital. Cruiser Aurora is a big part of the history of the former USSR. Not every object is able to maintain its combat form, having experienced so much as this ship. During his active marine life cruiser made more than 120 000 nautical miles. Before the October Revolution "Aurora" was in town, but in October 1917 the Provisional Government decided on its derivation from Petrograd. In 21 hours 45 minutes 25 October 1917 from the bow gun cruiser "Aurora" sounded famous volley which was the signal for the storming of the Winter Palace.

Now the ship is on the "eternal parking" is a training base of the Leningrad Nakhimov College. Also, the cruiser "Aurora" after the restoration and overhaul, and awarded a number of awards here opened branch of the Central Naval Museum. Unfortunately, you will not see all the charm inside the ship, but the webcam will show you what it looks like cruiser "Aurora" online, on the wharf. In real time to vote all the majesty and power of the ship.

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