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In St. Petersburg no area on site where you can meet people for walks, events and just to communicate with friends. Not all widely publicised on the Internet, but the area of the Rebellion just among those that can be seen on the screen of your own computer without the need to leave the house. on its territory were installed a web camera, she takes her position at one of the buildings and directed to the object so that people could get maximum of useful information.

In the middle of the square stands a monument, around which are often held political meetings. webcam working around the clock in real-time, night-time day stream does not stop, but more to consider what is happening in the square difficult, only silhouettes of people. If you want to see the beauty of the area, its architectural features, it's time to enable broadcast lunch or in the evening a few hours before sunset. In addition to high quality pictures at day time you can activate the flow of sound and to take in the sights of the city.

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