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As one of the largest cities of the Russian Empire, Saratov is home to the Conservatory, one of the most famous and the oldest Russian circuses and perhaps the best collections of art in provincial Russia. Discard the long pedestrian avenues, the legacy of the Volga Germans and the mighty Volga river and you start to see a more complete picture of this city that was literally built over night. Saratov is a great place to experience the vast grandeur of the Volga river, it offers an unusual collection of architecture of the pre-revolutionary and Soviet period, and its large center creates a perfect place for aimless walking through centuries of Russian history, literally living on top of each other. Saratov was founded in 1590 and soon became a popular stopover between Europe and Asia. Located in 858 km South-East of Moscow, he was one of the bottom three cities of the Volga region, created as FORTS to protect the newly acquired territories on the outskirts of the Empire during the five-year period (1586-1590), and also today, in Volgograd and Samara. Saratov was built well North of the city. The wooden building was dismantled, shipped down and installed, which allowed the Saratov appear over night. Today there is an opportunity to explore the city and see the bridge over the ravine Gleboki in real time on the computer. Then installed a webcam, stream with which is available online.

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