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Saratov is a huge city with millions of inhabitants, the territory of which is the river station, wide streets, beautiful buildings and whatnot, that are worth seeing. Despite the fact that this is not a resort town and it is not a tourist capital, travelers come here to explore the local attractions. On the territory of Saratov there is always something to do and a family with children and friends, the infrastructure is developed enough to meet the needs of any population, regardless of age and preferences. Street October – one of the main arteries of the city, there is always a strong move, so the city has equipped her with the necessary infrastructure to motorists to feel confident on the road, and pedestrians when driving through the track. A lot of effort is being done to unloading major roads, the traffic jams in the city inhibit movement, so the administration tries to think of roads in the city centre. Now you can see the stagnation of the movement on the screen of your own computer or phone, it's enough to have connection to the Internet. In this area was installed a webcam stream which is supplied round the clock in the network. Any user, no matter where he is, can see what is going on in the city from this angle. The webcam works in real time, all incoming information to the user accurate, timely, this is a great opportunity to walk around the world, while remaining within their own homes. Such a journey through the streets of Saratov costs nothing, but can provide a lot of information about it to any user.

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