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The resort town of Sochi attracts tourists from all over the world not only the warm Black sea but also lots of fun. We can not say that this is one of the most expensive Russian resorts, but it is not surprising that hotels and small hotels doing enough to improve the comfort level of tourists. Almost every major hotel has its own swimming pool, it allows you to enjoy the sea and have a good time in the summer heat just outside the room. One of these hotels provided an opportunity in real time to see the internal arrangement of your pool. This stream enters the pool in a separate complex, the webcam available to any network user, regardless of what in the world he is now. Activating the video on your own computer, you will see that the area of the facility is equipped with everything you need even a La late-night swim. Lights in a large number of installed along the perimeter of the pool, inside it has a backlight, which allows a good view of the object even after dark. Around the water densely planted herbs, there are paths and a place for sun beds. The webcam in front of the object mounted so that the user can obtain enough information regarding comfort in this complex. The device operates around the clock if near the water are your relatives or friends you will be able to see them through the lens of the camera. The proximity to the pool lens allows us to consider the faces of guests. On the broadcast you will be able to draw their own conclusions as to how comfortably equipped the territory of the local hotels in Sochi.

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