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Most of the hotels in Sochi has now chosen a policy of free access to any information concerning them. To users around the world had the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the site, the comfort of the rooms, it was decided to install a web camera with free access to them by Internet users. So reception in one of the hotels Sochi clock is removed through the modern lens of the web camera stream is displayed in the network online, and you can activate it for free, you just have to be connected to the network. This webcam is almost completely covered in the welcome lounge. After a short-lived view you can see where the campers come, how long registration and much later are available. The webcam works without interruption, the reception continues day and night, so the picture remains clear and bright throughout the viewing. Regardless of your country of residence, you can access the broadcast at any time convenient for you. The brightness of the video allows users to assess the interior of the reception, the picture is clearly visible to the colors used by the designer. If you wanted to see a rough quality facilities hotels in Sochi, this web camera will become your indispensable assistant, which is available 24 hours a day. You can watch videos on any device capable of receiving and reproducing video signal.

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