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Want to see what Sochi and the sea, now there is no need to come here to appreciate its vastness is sufficient to enable the web camera, a panorama of the sea. The device is installed so that the bottom is smaller to capture the thicket of trees, and the top to show the sky and sea surface at several hundred kilometers. Day with pictures, around the clock broadcast by the device, visible vessels of different types, including ships, boats, tankers, tugs and so on. Due to the fact that a webcam delivers the broadcast in real time, you will always be aware of weather conditions on the territory of Sochi, which is very important, if you go on vacation there. The most amazing sight, which can show the panorama of sunrise and sunset, when they seem unrealistic combinations of cold and warm shades. Coastline to consider in detail is not possible, and not only because the web camera is greatly removed from the beach, but also because it is shielded by trees. The device is installed on the territory of the sanatorium, from the complex to the sea is a few tens of meters, but this fact does not make it incorrect, on the contrary, the silence and peace that reign here, attracting huge number of tourists.

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