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Sochi is known to almost every adult inhabitant of our country, and all because it is considered the capital of the resort area on the black sea coast. Within this object there are not only sea but also mountain peaks, which today managed to turn into a comfortable place for tourists in Sochi was held the Olympics. The city is one of the largest resorts on the territory of Russia, every year during the summer vacation is coming, several thousand tourists from all over the country and beyond. The city authorities have tried to make the territory of the city was the most suited to receive a large number of tourists, that's why there are well-established long-distance communication. To see the city, you can enable the overview camera a Gem. The device works round the clock in real time, this is a great opportunity to explore the city without leaving the apartment. Stream fed in free access, will become an ideal assistant in case, when you can't decide where it would like to spend your vacation. A web camera is not able to fully cover the entire city, but the shot misses him the most. It is seen that most of the buildings in the city high-rise, the local architecture features a large number of green spaces, which in the conditions of the black sea climate is easy to grow and develop. On the territory of Sochi there are many monuments, but from the perspective of the web camera can not see them, as do roads, sidewalks. Device helps visually estimate the size of the city, its overall design, but in the details Sochi is from this angle of the mystery for user.

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