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Stavropol – modern city, on the territory which is dominated by high-rise buildings. People are here for work or to change residence, this is why it is so important that you had the opportunity to assess the site and its benefits from different perspectives. Assistant in so doing, it will be installed in the city Webcams. all the devices work in real time, they give a clear picture about the overall architecture, infrastructure and other important things. This stream is fed through a web camera installed and aimed at the street 45 th Parallel. The device works around the clock to watch video in online mode, simply connect the device to browse to the Internet. The video shows one of the many areas of the city in the picture is part of the street and built a home here. if you chose this area for permanent residence through the screen of your own computer you have the option to rate it. Not difficult to see that this suburb of Stavropol, left built high-rise buildings, and to the right buildings there. Do not think that there is bad connections with the city, the predominant difference between Stavropol ' is that all areas have good infrastructure, including transport. At any time the broadcast is available to view, no matter in what part of the planet you are, most importantly, to have a stable Internet access.

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