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Stavropol, a large city on its territory there are many avenues providing high-quality vehicles, some of them sometimes stand in traffic jams due to the large flow of cars. Thanks to modern progress advance to see what the intensity of the flow of vehicles on certain streets in the screen of the phone or computer to do this on the streets has installed a web camera. some of them are on poles, some on high-rise buildings, so a large open area in front of the user. All the cameras are working around the clock in real-time, motorists and users just get with them quality and reliable picture at any time convenient for them. To assess the quality of roads and the location of areas you can not only personally arrived with the visit, but on the screen of your own computer. On site you can take a virtual trip to different parts of Stavropol, without losing expensive time and money. Live broadcasts going around the clock, they can be viewed absolutely free. Watch camera is possible from anywhere in the world, the only condition is to be connected to the Internet. This webcam view from the outside Brusnev in Stavropol. The recording quality is excellent, speaking about daytime, after sunset, the picture darkens, and all because web camera is removed from the light source. Best to study the infrastructure of the area in the afternoon, when the sun's light from the darkness snatched buildings and shops, located on the covered device areas.

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