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Stavropol beautiful and well-kept city, which is located in the steppes, that's why here most of the time strong winds blow. Very entertaining journey to this city during the onset of summer, when bloom the numerous flower beds and trees are spreading their leaves, and on the lookout meadow near the city begins the festival of bard song. There are in this city and places to visit as a tourist and just industrial areas that have low historical value, therefore, are of no interest to people from other cities. Fortunately for those who are going to visit the city by car in the territory of Stavropol is located in the web camera, the lens of which is directed to the streets and important routes of the city. In detail, you can explore not only the markings on the road, but the surrounding objects within the pictures. If the cameras are set close and are very well visible road signs, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. Strange as it sounds, but the modern Internet user, who has studied all the advantages and opportunities of technical progress, able to help themselves. For this you only need to have a computer or other device capable of reproducing a video signal and a good connection to the network. Everything today can be seen on Lenin street in the city of Stavropol with my own eyes, enough to include a live broadcast from cameras installed in the city. The shooting is done in real time, to watch video online without any restrictions at the location. All broadcasts are completely free to view and require only a little free time and a good connection.

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