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About webcam "Tukhachevsky street" in the city Stavropol

Street Tukhachevsky, one of the Central arteries of the city of Stavropol, and therefore the landscape here is appropriate. If you activate this stream, you will be able to see on the computer screen of numerous high-rise buildings, highway, shops and a sidewalk path. The webcam gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the city not coming here. The device works round the clock in real time, therefore, all incoming information is accurate. The picture is clear and bright, it is possible to highlight the benefits of the demonstrated area of the city, its features. Online daily broadcast viewing users from around the world. webcam has become a great helper to those who are just interested in the city, and those who see it as a place for permanent residence. The device does not have a night mode, but thanks to the sufficient amount of light, even after sunset you have the opportunity to see what it looks like Stavropol night. As in any large metropolis, with the end of the day, here begins a completely different life, the city wakes up and is lit by neon lights. When watching videos it may even seem that live Stavropol begins only with the onset of darkness and is part of the truth, on the roads, more cars, and cafés and restaurants open their doors from 9 PM.

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