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About webcam "Golden bridge" in Vladivostok

Most Russian cities do not represent tourist interest, but this does not mean that if the users of the Internet network was able to learn more about them in real time, they would not have used. Technological progress has given much to humanity, one of the biggest achievements were the web Cam, which allowed people to take a virtual travel from country to country, without leaving home. The webcam is a versatile tool that transmits to the Internet video stream in real time, through which people anywhere in the world can see what is happening, where this camera is.

Was no exception and the city of Vladivostok, in whose territory, too, are the device for application to network broadcasting with the online mode. This camera overlooks the Golden bridge, the lens position is selected so that the device could best encompass the object and provide the user with enough useful information about it. The object is illuminated through this stream, just activate it and you can enjoy a good picture during the day. In the night-time clarity and brightness of the image decreases, the reason for this was the lack of on-camera to night mode. On-site bridge there is not enough light to be able to examine in detail the site.

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