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Raisins are an interesting metropolis with many simple places, cramped streets and a leisurely life. Today you have the opportunity to enjoy the favorable atmosphere using the fountain's webcam in the central square in the city of Izium Ukraine. It will be enough just to start playback and see the main territory. Previously, you could already see it when you used other cameras aimed at the cinema.

As for the details, the webcam offers: - a spacious area that has a fountain, benches, as well as beautiful architecture around; - on the left there is a blue building, recently restored, young trees planted, which nicely complements the surroundings; - pay attention to the presence of flower beds that completely cover the lawn, when flowers bloom on them, a different look appears; - Do not forget to look at the cinema itself, which is located on the right, you definitely will not confuse it with anything.

The camera is available for viewing at any convenient time, you just need to collect your thoughts and calmly watch. People are constantly present here, you will get a lot of pleasure and impressions, saturated with activity and movement.

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