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Ukraine is a country famous for its beautiful places and open spaces. But today we want to show an everyday country that is practically no different from the hinterland. Now you can use the webcam of the central scene in the city of Izium Ukraine. The equipment itself is located on a residential building, so several elements fall into the camera lens. Everyone has the opportunity not only to have a good time, but also to carefully study the corner of Raisins.

Do not forget to turn your eyes to the details that attract in the webcam: - the scene itself, which is mentioned in the title, is located on the right near the park area, you immediately see it if you pay attention to the trees (at the time of writing the material, building materials were visible near it, the restoration process was taking place); - the carriageway, which is not large in size, enters the zone of increased interest, but various vehicles constantly pass through it; - by the way, the sidewalk is visible on the left, and flowerbeds are located along it, the lawn or flowers are gradually growing, then this picture is significantly transformed.

The camera is available for viewing at any convenient time. It is saturated with urban atmosphere and allows you to get acquainted with a small part of such an unusual metropolis.

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