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In the city of Kharkov, in the Ukraine, a few bus stations, which direct the transport according to various reports, including long distance. On one of these sites has installed a web camera focused on a bus at the bus station # 2. The device is in close proximity to the Park, so you can see the waiting and the arriving buses. For each designated place and it can also be seen on the broadcast. The webcam takes a picture of the clock in real time if you are late, it is better to watch and make sure that your bus is still standing on the spot, otherwise you'll have to chase him to take in the city or behind him. Almost every Parking space for a bus stop installed where people can hide from the sun waiting for transport. Camera allows you not only to see what is happening at the moment in the Parking lot, but to hear. In front of the webcam high-rise buildings, which are directly the cash for the purchase of tickets, a small cafeteria, toilets, shops and other facilities that may be required departing or arriving. The shot misses and the scoreboard with the numbers of buses arriving at the station, but due to the remoteness of the figures difficult to see. With the ability to have operational information you will never find yourself in a difficult situation and will always get ahead of it.

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