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The Annunciation Cathedral is amazing in its architectural idea, the structure that you must visit if you will have the opportunity to visit the territory of Kharkiv, Ukraine. across the country are unique and just amazing Orthodox churches, in which reigns an incredible atmosphere and where people come for help. Each of the temples and cathedrals has its own uniqueness, this is fertile ground for architects looking for new ideas in their work. The Cathedral of the Annunciation today is actively broadcast from the computer screens via the Internet was a web camera, the lens which almost completely covers the object. This was done to ensure that people around the world could assess the extent of construction, its advantages. There is no need to spend money and to travel around the country, today technological advances have given people many choices on how to see the world totally free. Is there a cheaper way to discover the country, you can activate on your computer live stream from the web camera installed on its territory. Watch cameras online can any user, regardless of where on the planet it is enough to have a connection to the Internet. Thanks to the device you will always know what weather now in the territory of an illuminated object, how does its infrastructure, a rush of believers at this time. All information is timely and reliable, the picture enters the network without interruption day and night. After dark, the temple became less popular, but not in large holidays, when tutu nightly service.

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