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Many Orthodox churches have been built on the territory of Ukraine, which daily receive several hundred believers within their walls. Pilgrims do not rarely make their raid around the country to enjoy not only the architecture of the temples, but also the atmosphere that prevails around them. All churches and cathedrals are distinguished by their particular architecture and this can not be overlooked when you first look at them, if you have never been to Ukraine, but would like to go there, we suggest you make a virtual journey using the installed webcams that come from the network is completely free, you just need to have at hand a computer or phone and the Internet. One of the cameras is directed by a lens to the main entrance to the Church of the Transfiguration. Watch the camera can be in any country of the world online. The webcam transmits video in real time, everything happens on the screen, it happens here and now. Make a virtual journey on your own or with the whole family, it will be no less fascinating than real, as the advantage of no spending. The camera works around the clock, the picture is served without delay. Such a video is especially popular during the period of big church holidays, when you can examine in detail what is happening at the temple. The device works at night, but the picture gets worse due to the lack of a light source, the best time to watch the broadcast is the day when the temple comes to life and the believers start coming here. If you activate the sound on the device, you can hear the bell ringing and see the procession around the territory of the temple.

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