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Constitution square – a large object on the territory of Kharkiv, which has a unique architectural design, its own atmosphere and other advantages. This is one of the most popular places where people love to spend the evening by the locals. Constitution square has a high quality infrastructure, it is a wide driveway and walkway paving and a green area with benches and flower beds. Near the square is located the administrative building, the design of which can be seen coming into the country. To see Kharkov you can stay within your own apartment, just enough to activate the live broadcast installed there in the city Webcams. Watch camera can any Internet user they are totally free enough to have a good network connection. In online mode, you can explore the country and see the real life of the local population. This unit overlooks the square of the Constitution, survey aimed at the entire territory of the object and helps to learn more about the structure of the area around. In the frame of fall flower beds, walkway paving and lights and much more that gives you a clear idea about the illuminated object. The device will be a good helper in the search for unknown information it will help to see the reality of the life in the area. Webcam installed so that any user could get useful information just by looking in the phone screen or computer. The quality of the broadcast will depend on the quality of the plug-in Internet, but basically to watch the stream, anyone can.

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