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The monument to Taras Shevchenko surrounded by a large free territory near it is not uncommon to cultural events, but this square is used by people and just walking. There is always a lot of people, both day and night. After sunset the place is just transformed, everything around you begins to glow neon lighting, that's why there is never empty after the working day the locals come to the monument to enjoy the spectacle, and visitors make for striking photos. This area is extensively used for evening and day walks, where you can spend time, enjoy the views and fresh air from a large number of vegetation, to admire the monument, to ride a bike, or just chat with friends. The area today can be seen from the comfort of your sofa at home, simply turn on your own computer. Stream there installed web cameras around the clock in real time. Any user can see, simply connect to the network. video is fed to the computer absolutely free of charge, the user need only some free time. - Survey allows you to see how increasing the number of tourists near the monument in the evening, when one ends labor day, while others simply go out of the house. The web camera is an amazing assistant that allows you to erase the framework established by the distance of the boundaries. The recording quality is excellent, speaking about daytime, after sunset, the picture is even brighter and transfers the entire color palette around. Best to study the infrastructure of the area at night when you appear in the fairytale and it's hard not to appreciate the advantages of this place.

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