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On the territory of Kharkiv many monuments and attractions that are worth the attention of people around the world. Many people know that in Ukraine the majority of the sites associated with its topic-with the last war, one of the most popular is the monument to the war of the liberator. This is quite a famous architectural project around which people gather daily to spend free time. In the square before the monument can be seen not only large companies need young people, but a small group of older people who stroll here in the evenings. The flat area allows a great success for those who rides bicycles, roller skates. If you've never been to the city but would like to see in real time the monument, using a web camera and a video online around the clock from the square in front of the monument. Mounted camera here takes not only the architectural project but also the buildings around it and other territory, which is within the circumference of the device. Thanks to the quality of the picture and the correct positioning of the device, the user receives a maximum of useful information for themselves. A virtual journey helps you to save money in the purse, gives a clear picture of the situation around the object, demonstrations, cultural events city-wide and demonstrates the weather, the number of tourists. The web camera will help you to understand whether the lighted object is the place where you wanted to come during a business trip to Kharkov or visiting friends. The webcam works around the clock in night time to consider in detail the object will be difficult because of the lack of light source.

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