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Kharkov is a big city, so space on site not one, not two, but only as long as necessary to provide quality infrastructure in a city of this scale. The Central Freedom square is popular with the administration, because of its size there are cultural and political events. On the area can simultaneously accommodate several hundred people, because this is important. But not only the administration, but the locals love to use the territory of Central square in its own interests. There really is where to turn if you decide to teach a child to roller skate or bike, places so that the probability of collision with somebody is minimal. On the territory of the square were installed a web camera, live with them around the clock. All devices are aimed at large objects its territory, including the monument, the green area represents an integral part of the infrastructure. One such web camera is pointed at the center of Freedom square. The object is almost completely covered by the camera lens that shows the square and the buildings around it. The device takes a picture in the Internet absolutely free of charge, for the connection is sufficient to activate the video. Any network user has access to broadcast, regardless of their location. At night the camera does not stop working, but the picture quality deteriorates because of the lack of night mode. There is still the whole area of the square, but because of the lack of the necessary amount of light to see the details of the object becomes difficult. This is a unique opportunity to explore the landmarks and notable parts of the city.

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