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Parking has become an integral part of the city's infrastructure and human life in General. It is necessary to organize a comfortable space around large office buildings, shopping centers. From the beginning of their development there were a lot of rumors that sites stealing your car more than just a lonely over the road, all because in such a cluster easier to navigate the hijackers. Progress has not stood still and now most of the objects are the cameras, allowing to capture the process of stealing. On St Parking is broadcast to the Internet, allowing any driver to leave their vehicle here, can watch over its safety. The webcam takes a picture of the clock in real time, all incoming information is timely and reliable, it is available to any user on the network. At night stream continues, but the lack of light makes the picture lower quality, despite that the presence of the machine on the object. If you look closely see that the area of Parking suitable for a large number of machines, so that visitors did not have to leave the vehicle in the distance.

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