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Ukraine, country located in Eastern Europe, the second largest on the continent after Russia. The capital is Kiev (Kyiv), located on the Dnieper river in North-Central Ukraine. A fully independent Ukraine emerged only in the late 20th century, after long periods of successive domination of Poland - Lithuania, Russia and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). In 1918-20, Ukraine experienced a brief period of independence, but in the period between the two world wars the Western part of Ukraine was ruled by Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia, then became part of the Soviet Union as the Ukrainian Soviet socialist Republic (SSR). Today it is a country that has gone through a lot, but it strives to meet European standards. On the territory of Kiev and then built high quality residential complexes, one of which was a fine town. The construction of the fine Town is still not finished to this moment, to see the stages in real time in any part of the globe where there is a quality connection to the Internet. Stream is fed to the screens of computers, tablets and even phones in real time, and viewing is only available online.

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