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About webcam "Assumption Cathedral in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra" in Kiev

Assumption Cathedral in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is very popular among believers. Believers come here every day and gather large crowds during the holidays. To see the object before it was necessary to come to the monastery, but now the Church world has become more accessible for ordinary people who are unable for various reasons to commit such an exciting journey for yourself. With the permission of the Abbot here, inside the Cathedral were installed a web camera, the users around the world were able to see how the Cathedral looks, appreciate its architecture, to see the differences from other similar objects. Webcam fully covered hall, it has sound, so you can see what is happening inside and hear. The device works in real time around the clock, picture is fed to the screens of computers around the world. Regardless of where the user is located, it is enough to have good Internet. At night stream does not stop, but weekday services take place rarely, but in large holidays is a unique opportunity for any person to stay there, though remotely.

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