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Dnepropetrovsk embankment – one of the main objects of city infrastructure, there is a wide multi-lane road is created specifically to ensure that the area does not have traffic jams and the city is not stopped in its movement. To see the waterfront today is enough to have a good Internet speed and the device receiving the video signal. The quality of the recording, despite the distance from the object pleases. Anyone can find a stream something new, to make a virtual journey through the streets of Kiev, not spending money. The webcam works around the clock, picture is fed into the grid without interruption. The device provides timely information about what's happening on the illuminated object. In the night time in detail to consider the infrastructure of the site is difficult, a good view only the traffic, buildings and structures illuminated by additional light sources. From the screen of your computer you see a large area of the city, you can see not only the track, but left the river flowing through the city.

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