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Not every channel on TV today you can see the screen of the television set. Some are not broadcast, others can be prohibited, especially those That operate on the territory of Ukraine. After the conflict in the country most of the people there left, today, being away from their homeland they would like to know the latest news that is happening in the cities, as is the political situation. The Internet provides them with NewsOne TV channel in HD, which they can watch at any convenient time, simply to have a good connection and a device. Stream is served in real-time, meaning that today saw the people of Ukraine in their televisions, the same can watch and other people on the network, regardless of what in the world they are. On TV most of the time filled with news of different cities of the country. Reporters try to give an objective picture of what is happening. The picture quality is higher, it is possible to expand the stream to full screen to see better. It has sound, so you will not only see but also hear.

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