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Again we return to the city spaces and invite you personally to enjoy the pleasant surroundings, however, already on the expanses of Ukraine. Now you will have a map in the open spaces of the city of Kiev, which will allow you to observe the panorama of the city from a high point. Yes, this is not the main square of Kiev, but an accessible review is enough to gradually get pleasure from an aesthetically beautiful city. Overview from the camera falls directly on the residential modern structure, which looks pretty nice, under the camera is a five-story building, which can only see the roof. But the main view should be directed exclusively at the city panorama. It remains only to observe in silence and simply enjoy the city buildings. There are no distinctive features here, but the atmosphere of Kiev is very well felt. On the right is a small part of the road, though, because of the far distance, the focus of the camera does not allow you to clearly distinguish the traveling cars, so only the headlights are visible for your eyesight. In fact, in order to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the city, it's enough just to spend a little time and return to Kiev already at night. Thanks to the numerous windows, the open spaces will begin to plunge into the illumination. Multicolored lights, a large number of windows and a small illumination of the streets of the city, all this will achieve a good result in terms of aesthetic decoration of the city. Most of the camera is occupied by the sky, but in winter it is simply wrapped up in a white shroud, but in summer it is cloudy and the sun shines brightly. Thanks to this unusual combination, the user can enjoy an extraordinary view and simply enjoy the event. We wish you a pleasant viewing and all the best!

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