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As shown by the excavations on the territory of Kyiv's first settlement was established back 25 thousand years ago. According to the legend the city was founded by three brothers and a sister. Immediately after the city was conquered and its territory was transferred to the residence of Oleg, Kiev became the capital of the Ancient Russian state. In the tenth century this city had a second name Samvatas, some scholars think is the ancient name of the city, others suggest that the designation in the non-Slavic environment. Historians believe that until the 10th century Kyiv was a separate settlement, then they merged into a single settlement then formed a single city. Today on the territory of Kyiv there is the Kievan Rus Park where you can see a lot of entertaining for yourself, including the old costumes, traditions and more. This object is of special value for students of historical faculties, there is not uncommon reproduce some of the events, trying to attract more attention to the culture and traditions. Most tourists visit the Park, when I come to town here tour. People of different ages found on the territory of the Park for something new and interesting. Now you can see the object is not buying a ticket to Ukraine, it is enough to have on hand a good connection to the Internet and a computer to make a virtual journey. Webcam working around the clock in real-time if on site is an event you can not only see it but also hear. Though the device and does not have NightShot mode, it can transmit not only the picture but also the sound. Webcam unique free assistant with which you can travel long distances in just a few minutes. Already thousands of users have praised this type of knowledge of the outside world and could not appreciate the advantages which it possesses.

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