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Andreevsky Descent is a historical descent that connects the neighborhood of the Upper City of Kiev and the historically commercial district of Podol. The street, often advertised by guides and operators - "Montmartre of Kiev", is the main attraction of the city. It is included in the list of national landmarks by government decree. In addition, the street is also part of the Kiev Historical Reserve "Ancient Kiev", and the Church of St. Andrew belongs to the National Historical Reserve "Sophia of Kiev". The descent length of 720 meters (2360 feet) is built of paved cobblestones and connects Old Kiev (Upper Town) with Podol (Lower Town). It begins at the end of Vladimir Street and steeply spins around the hill of Zamkov Gora, ending near Kontraktova Square. Andreevsky Descent is marked by several historical sights, including the Richard Lionheart Castle, the Baroque St. Andrew Church of the 18th century, the famous Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov and many other monuments. Recent talks about the restoration of the descent have been going on since 2006, when a local grassroots organization aimed at saving Andreevsky descent gathered more than 1,000 signatures to ask local authorities to take measures to restore the descent. On June 23, 2009, the administration of the Kyiv City Council approved the reconstruction of the Andreevsky Descent, which was officially announced a year earlier by the mayor Leonid Chernovetsky. The exact recovery schedule has not yet been adopted, although the budget for the reconstruction was drawn up for 2010. You can see the object through the web camera, around the clock.

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