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The charm of the old Elizavetrod prompted his contemporaries to call the present Kirovograd "Little Paris". The well-known Russian critic Mikhail Dobrolyubov wrote in one of his letters: "Let's imagine straight streets, houses with cut corners at intersections and balconies-lanterns. On one of the streets grow white acacias and poplars. In this carefully planned city, you can not get lost. I thought I was in a little Paris. " From 1878 to 1905 Alexander Pashutin was the mayor of the city, then the square was already organized in front of the city executive committee. Under his leadership, the city achieved success in education and medicine, the construction of a water supply system and several public buildings, the introduction of the first tramway and the creation of some market places. Elizavetgrad is known for its architectural quality, with European sculpture and old windows. Survival is a series of classical and modern monuments, palaces of Moorish and Baroque, as well as buildings in which the motifs of Gothic, Rococo and Renaissance are combined. The high level of construction technology masters Elizavetrad encourages the construction and rehabilitation these days. Look at the area in real time and get acquainted with the city and features of its architecture through the lens of the web camera installed here.

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