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About webcam "Beautiful landscaping in the Arboretum" in Kropyvnyts'ke (Kirovohrad)

Not every country has the Arboretum and unfortunately, to enjoy the beauty of different species of plants from other parts of the country, not everyone can. In fact, the arboretum provides not only many pleasant experiences, but also brings benefit to the human body, if you do not have allergies to pollen. Scientists have proved that air polluted by man cleared the land plants, that is why the greening of cities is needed. The closed space of the Park creates pure air that makes even my head is spinning. The plants then develop in the limited for the atmosphere, not to harm those representatives who are not accustomed to exist in such conditions and their home is a warm tropical country. Activating the stream with a webcam you'll be able to see the screen of your own computer beautiful landscaping in the Arboretum. The webcam works around the clock, the picture is served in real time, enough for the viewer to have at hand a device that receives a video signal and a good connection to the network. At night, the webcam does not give a clear picture due to the lack of night mode. The object works only in the daytime, the device gives a clear picture of coverage.

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