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The vast uncrowded beach, this is the longest strip of beach in Koblevo with rocks and caves covered with sand, tiny and large white pebbles. Despite the fact that the beaches on the coast is a favorite destination for fans of jeep Safari and sightseeing cruises on the barbecue, they are never crowded due to the vast territory. This is a relatively quiet beach with crystal clear, shallow waters, water sports such as snorkeling and diving, and a decent amount of beach bars is one of the most popular on the island. Like its tourists not only as a Bank, but also purity. If you are hungry after a fun day at the beach offers tavernas and restaurants that you find nearby and other tourists happy will always compete with you in the beach sports. Now you can, just like millions of other users across the Internet to make a virtual journey to this beach, you will have to have a computer or other device to receive and reproduce a video signal and a quality connection to the Internet. Web camera – a great opportunity to learn, which at the time of viewing the broadcast of weather conditions on the beach, what is the height of the waves and with what intensity the wind blows. The quality of the recording depends on what time of day visible stream. Due to the fact that the territory, where there is a webcam there is not enough light, the picture quality deteriorates considerably after sunset. The device doesn't support night mode, but the player has a button activated sound. This is a unique opportunity not buying a ticket to watch, to evaluate and to compare the beaches around the world, before you choose a place to vacation. In just a few hours you can explore up to ten or more countries, which today offer tourists a beach holiday on its territory.

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