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This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast. Stretches of Sands and dunes of a secluded beach located in a picturesque Bay, located near the settlement. This Paradise beach with crystal clear emerald green water and Golden sand wonderful for swimming and sunbathing. It is ideal for those who prefer to swim in shallow, quiet waters, and your kids will just love it. It's a protected beach, making it a great place to play beach tennis. If such arguments have not convinced you, then you have a great opportunity to see the attractive beach of Bora Bora, located in Koblevo, on the territory of Ukraine. There was installed a modern web-camera, real-time clock. The most vivid and colorful landscapes appear before your eyes during sunset and sunrise, after dark, staying visible only by the lights from passing ships, and all because there is concentrated light source, and the webcam is not designed for night shooting. Stream is fed to the whole world to play it enough to have a computer and the Internet. Thanks to the device you can make a virtual journey, to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this location, see weather conditions, the strength of the wind. All information is timely and reliable, that's why recently, using Webcams travellers who prefer to spend their time. Due to how and where the camera has been installed the user receives a maximum of useful information for yourself in the first person, and not through false reviews on websites of travel companies.

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