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The bus station in the infrastructure of any city plays an important strategic role, it is the main think tank which runs a major artery not only for internal messages, but also long-distance. No city in the territory of which would not have its own bus station, but not all of them are lit today in the open. The administration of the city of Kurakhovo allowed to install on the station the webcam and to give the broadcast to the whole world. Because of this, any user can now completely free to go in Kurakhovo, to assess its transport and see the architecture of the station. A popular picture with the webcam and the residents of the city, with which they get the latest information about what is happening on the territory of bus station. The device operates in real time, all information is fed to the computer with a small gap of a few seconds, which is negligible. The picture is clear, the shooting is done at night, so you will always stay in the loop. with web-camera it is possible to know in advance about the availability of Parking spaces at the front of the station, which will save time.

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