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About webcam "Central city beach" in the city Kurakhovo

The webcam of the central city beach in the city of Kurakhovo Ukraine is a great opportunity to carefully observe quite interesting and somewhat frightening places. The fact is that now there is a great option to watch the usual urban beach. It is not so well equipped, but nevertheless people come here and they enjoy all their free time. But there is one interesting detail that suggests not the most utopian thoughts. It is connected with a large factory pipe, which can be seen on the horizon. What is most terrible, it constantly releases smoke and is in an active state.

The webcam of the central city beach in the city of Kurakhovo Ukraine in addition to the main factory pipe has a number of details. For example, on one camera lens there is a small vegetation and telecommunication pillars. On the other you can see the vast horizon and vegetation on the left. It is surprising that the main source of positive and good mood in this place is people who spend time here with great pleasure and bathe during the heat. They seem to adorn this place, which is a rather unusual and pleasant phenomenon.

It remains only to choose the right time when watching the webcam of the central city beach in the city Kurakhovo Ukraine . The best period is summer, when people can swim. As for the rest of the period, during it you can only see a not so bright, but quite atmospheric picture. Enjoy watching!

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