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In the city of Kurakhovo, as in other cities there is a Lenin square, which in some cases is the venue for celebrations due to its size. To people who are not living in Ukraine, could see, there was a mounted web camera that covers the driveway, the entrance to the monument, the Park area on the right. Perfectly visible from the Parking area, flower beds and a sidewalk path. A little fall in the frame of the coming building. In the transmitted picture it is seen that most of the passing here of people vacationers who steadily spend a day off. The area of the square, in addition to driveway, tiled, so you can ride freely on a bike or rollers, and this deals with most of the young people in the area. the web camera transmits the image in real time, it is available round the clock and only at night it becomes difficult to see what is happening, but only because of the lack of light. If there's a planned event and you have no opportunity to visit it, you can enable the webcam to go full screen, adjust sound and enjoy the spectacle without leaving the apartment.

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