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About webcam "Central square" in the city Kurakhovo

In the Central area of Kurakhovo Ukraine is not only large in size green area with plantings, flower beds and benches, but to driveway, Parking for cars. Here not rarely hosts major city events, because of the size and capacity of available space. A web camera mounted nearby, captures one of the entrance of the Plaza, circumferential road, small shops nearby. On weekdays, people come here to stroll and sit under the shade of trees, local residents and vacationers during the holidays crowded gives a holiday atmosphere. The webcam not only gives a clear picture - in real time, but the sound, so you can see and hear everything going on in the square. At night the picture is much worse, but under the lights you can see the silhouettes of people. Webcam is the ideal way to see this place without leaving home. This is particularly essential helper when on site to conduct the event, and you for some reason can't get in there

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