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Independence square in the city of Novovolynsk is one of the main objects, which is used as an area for holding mass events. sights on the square are enough to freely accommodate several hundred people to its site adjacent to lot lane road, so the entrance is never a problem. To be familiar with the object there is no need to purchase a ticket to the country, enough so that you have a device for receiving a video signal and a good connection to the Internet. A webcam was installed here not so long ago, but it gives a clear idea not only about the quality of roads in the city, but also captures the frame layout, the surrounding area of the building and other things that could be useful for the modern user on the network. webcam working around the clock in real time, even at night the road is well-lit, so everything that's happening at a glance. The shooting is done in real time, which means everything that happens on the square is happening now. Thanks to a web camera you can assess the situation in the city, to see if it is the perfect place for you to stay there permanently residence.

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