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Novovolyns'k is a city in Ukraine, which is large and densely populated, in spite of this there are all necessary for the development of facilities and developed infrastructure. As in most cities in this country on site is a City Council, Central area to it is a sign of a classic urban landscape. Not to say that the object is of historical value for tourists, but despite this he today is widely covered on the Internet. Any user can activate a stream with installed Webcams. The picture is supplied to the computer absolutely free of charge, around the clock and in real time, it is enough to have the device receiving the signal and the network. Web camera installed in such a way that captures the entrance to the City Council and part of Central square. Due to this arrangement the device, the user receives a lot of useful information on the two objects. In the nighttime to consider something to be difficult, on the live site, there is no strong light source, so the picture quality deteriorates. The best time to get acquainted with the object daytime.

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