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None of the TV channels of Ukraine is now not available to Russia and some other countries, and all because the government is closed politics. That would at least like to get out of the situation and to allow former users to view live video broadcast, it was decided to bring him into the world of the Internet. Was no exception and the TV channel Rivne-1, which safely gives you access to your channel. Users worldwide can absolutely free to learn the latest news of the city, to see weather and other operational information that would be of interest to them. Stream is easily activated on any modern device, including your tablet or desktop computer, it is possible to stretch the picture to fill the screen. No matter in which country of the world the user is located, watch the broadcast is completely free, without any restrictions, you just have to connect to the Internet. Video works online, the player is allowed to adjust the volume. This is the perfect remedy for how to pass the time standing in line or waiting room at the airport. With our translations you will always find something to occupy your time, you can stay informed of the latest events to have enough information about his hometown. All broadcasts are displayed in the network, so you don't miss anything for yourself, if you're in time to watch the video.

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