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Central Independence Square in the city of Rovno on the territory of Ukraine - an object that occupies in the infrastructure of the settlement is not the last in importance. The square is located on a large area in the city center, it is covered with paving slabs and is used by local authorities for mass events. Most of the time the object is empty, only young people come here, who are looking for a level and spacious place where they could ride bicycles or rollerblades. By activating the presented broadcast you will get enough useful information for yourself regarding the internal architecture of the area.

A webcam aimed at an object is installed on one of the high-rise buildings in the neighboring district, it operates around the clock in real time. Video is launched only online, for a continuous display requires a high-quality connection to the network. If you look closely, then in the picture you can see a small park area on the right, as well as people in the square. The best time to watch a video is the day when there is enough sunlight to illuminate the entire area of ​​the object, at night only lights in the windows of houses entering the frame will be visible.

The broadcast can be used as a primary assistant, which will give important information regarding the weather in the city of Rivne. To look at the view from a height come and those who miss their native streets or just people interested in the infrastructure of other cities. They do not miss the opportunity to consider the district and those who are going to move here to live permanently, in any case, the broadcast is available to all users at any time.

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