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Almost all the major rivers in Ukraine flow Northwest to Southeast through the plains to fall into the Black and Azov sea. The Dnieper river, with its hydroelectric dams, huge water reservoirs and many tributaries dominates in the Central part of Ukraine. Of the total length of the Dnipro river in Ukraine is 609 miles (980 km), making it the longest river in the country. As the Dnieper, southern Buh, with its main tributary, Inchul, flows into the Black sea. In the West and southwest, partly draining Ukrainian territory, the Dniester (Dniester river) also flows into the Black sea. Among its many tributaries, the largest in Ukraine are the Stryy and Zbruch. The middle tributary of the don flows through southeastern Ukraine and is an important source of water for the Donets basin (Donbas). The Danube river flows along the southwestern border of Ukraine. Marshland, covering nearly 3 percent of Ukraine, is mostly found in the Northern river valleys and in the lower reaches of the Dnieper, the Danube and other rivers. Of course water enters the city not only from rivers but also from groundwater. In almost every city of Ukraine featuring its own fountain, the fountain in front of the Palace of culture. It also seeks lens camera, from which the network clock comes video. It is available to anyone online for free.

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