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Victory square, which is located on the territory of Severodonetsk in Ukraine, a huge territory space, inside of which is placed flowerbeds, planting trees, benches. Track and the center of the square is tiled with bricks, thanks to a smooth surface you can freely spend time riding on rollers or bicycles. On site installed several web cameras that view the object from different angles, assessing its advantages and disadvantages. The frame camera hits the Central part of the area, which are different in scale and significance of the event. Behind it is possible in detail to consider the Park area, walkway paving and plantings. People come here to on weekends to spend their free time in a relaxed atmosphere. Not only youth but also elderly people walk around the square. Night time shooting is not terminated, it is conducted around the clock in real time, therefore, when you failed to go on holiday, you can watch it from the screens of his computer. On site there is not enough lights that would allow to translate the qualitative picture, and in the night, so after sunset, the photo quality deteriorates.

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