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Victory square in the city – one of the places where people love to come to spend free time Biking or roller, which attracts organized groups for meetings and demonstrations. In addition, due to the large free territory here, hold events and city level. On the square stands a huge tree, which in winter is decorated with toys and lights to delight children and even adults. Web camera mounted in front of the square covers her almost completely, the view of the Victory square opens from the driveway. The whole area is fenced with flower beds that cars could not drive to the center. In the frame of fall and the coming high-rises, is one of the residential areas of the city. The webcam works in real time, it is equipped with audio, so you not only see, but also hear what's going on. In night time shooting does not stop, but the picture quality is not allows to discern the silhouettes of people on site. Square fits easily up to several hundred people, is the perfect place for holidays. If you are not able to go to one of these, but you want to be aware of events that include live and enjoy what he saw.

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